Huware is the hardware brand of humanism window of
CS-Tech Co., Ltd. that concentrated on the development and production of functional hardware of round window and balcony window.

We put the satisfaction of customer and the value of your company before everything else by supplying the high quality hardware through the ceaseless development of research and the technical innovation

CS Tech Co., Ltd. is supplying the products of excellent design together with the acquisition of patent and quality certification through the steady research development
Especially, we are equipped with the sufficient experience and know-how, the technical skills and the scientific design and the safety and the function of crime prevention are excellent with the strong durability.

Also, it is proud of unrivaled excellence on the side of cleanliness and hygiene by applying the sanitation treatment in the window handle solely in-country.

We, CS Tech Co., Ltd. would be the enterprise doing the best in making the energy-saving type future residential environment with the best quality and the excellent design by doing our best continuously now and forever

We are expressing our heartfelt thanks to you customers giving us the continuous support and the love always.